3D Pool Designers- Different Styles of Pool Designs for Different Homes

3D Pool Designers- Different Styles of Pool Designs for Different Homes

In this present age and time, there is a wide range of pool design options. As a result, most homeowners can choose their preferred pool and complement it with the right water features. Also, homeowners can custom make their pools according to their requirements. Even so, settling for the most suitable pool design is not a walk in the park. There are certain factors you ought to put into consideration before choosing a pool design. Some of them include the landscape and the pool space available. We talk about the different styles of pool designs used by most 3D pool designers. In turn, you will get a clear understanding of most of the available pool designs.

3D Pool Designers- Different Styles of Pool Designs for Different Homes

Geometric pool design

Often, geometric pools incorporate well-defined edges. So, they are mostly square or rectangular shaped. Due to their shape, people tend to think that these pools are not visually appealing. But nowadays, 3D pool designers incorporate modern designs while creating these pools. A water feature like slides is also suitable for these pools. Today, geometric pools are more attractive than you could ever imagine. They are popular in most households since their rectangular shape suits most backyards.

What is a freeform pool?

Unlike the geometric pool, the freeform pools don’t have a specific shape or sharp angles. Thus, these pools have curved edges. Most of these pools have various water features to complement their appearance. Some of these water features include spas, waterfalls, jets, and fountains. Since they need to be highly adaptable, freeform pools are mostly made from vinyl or concrete. These materials allow pool owners to customize the freeform pools into a wide variety of layouts and shapes.

Classic pools

Classic pools have an antique and architectural feel. Homeowners with classic homes love installing these pools. They have well-defined edges and can transform your backyard into a serene haven. Moreover, they accommodate a wide range of water features to bring in a naturalistic and unique appearance.

Roman pools

Also known as Grecian pools, Roman pools are indisputably breathtaking. These pools are a sight to reckon with. Mostly, roman pools are rectangular and contain cut off edges. As a result, they offer a classic appearance to their surroundings. So, if your outdoor theme area incorporates a classical theme décor, a roman pool would be your best option. These pools have circular corners and provide the perfect place to add pool steps.

Roman-style pool with fountain

Just like most pools, the roman pool accommodates several water features. A roman style pool with a water fountain offers breathtaking views. Pool owners can add one or two water fountains to the pool to enhance the pool’s aesthetics. Besides, the water fountain always maintains clean pool water.

Roman-style pool with spa

When constructing a roman pool, one of the features you can add is a spa. The spa not only complements the pool’s appearance but also allows users to relax and enjoy the sun.

3D Pool Designers- Different Styles of Pool Designs for Different Homes

Grecian pools

If you have a large outdoor area, consider installing a Grecian pool. These pools accommodate large bather loads due to their shape.

Vanishing edge pools

One of the most popular pools in high-end resorts are infinity pools. They have a ‘no boundary’ effect. Thus, one or two of their edges appear to merge with the surrounding background. So, they are popular in beach resorts. Here, 3D pool designers construct the vanishing edge close to the ocean. As a result, people tend to think the pool is a part of the ocean. Vanishing edge pools are expensive, but their aesthetic benefits are worth it. Consult your pool contractor on the best area to install such pools. Moreover, these pools accommodate various water features like beach entries, spas, and fountains.

Perimeter overflow pools

These pools work like infinity edge pools. But all their pool sides contain a vanishing edge. So, they create a visual trick of water merging with the surrounding background. They have a catch basin where water flows into after passing over the edge. From a distance, the pool looks like a flat surface. Perimeter overflow pools, therefore, offer breathtaking views in your backyard. All pool materials are versatile enough to accommodate this design.

Custom pools

At times, most homeowners always desire to turn their dream pool into a reality. So they hire 3D pool designers to customize their pool based on their specifications. With the broad spectrum of 3D pool designers, you can always customize your pool. You can do this by adding water features and creating your preferred pool shape.

In summary

At present, there are various pool designs homeowners can incorporate in their backyard. Some of them include roman, free form, and geometric pools. All these pools are adaptable and can accommodate a wide range of features. Thus, choose the right pool design that suits your requirements and available pool space. If you have limited pool space, a geometric pool would be best for you. On the flip side, if you have a large pool space, settle with a freeform or Grecian pool. To enhance your backyard’s aesthetics, you can add water features like jets, bubblers, and fountains.

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