Our Design Team

3D Pool Designer - Alice Mackelroy

Alice Mackelroy

3D Pool Designer - Arturo Franz

Arturo Franz
Pool Designer

3D Pool Designer - Phillip Goodspeed

Phil Goodspeed
Pool Designer

3D Pool Designer - Diana Scagnetti

Diana Scagnetti
Pool Designer

3D Pool Designer - Mike Favor

Mike Favor
3D Modeling

3D Pool Designer - Art Jessup

Art Jessup
Video Designer

We have some of the leading 3D Pool Designers in the Swimming Pool Industry with years of 3D modeling, video production and design experience.

A Talented Staff of Full-Time Pool Designers

With a talented and experienced professional staff of full-time pool designers at your dispoal, why look to outsource your 3D pool designs anywhere else? PoolDesigners.com can facilitate all of your 3D Pool Design rendering needs and act as your in-house 3D production team.

Our service goes beyond what we sell on the website, if you are looking to outsource all of your in-house 3D Pool Designs, we can facilitate your pool companies needs and provide you with outstanding service. Our designers are experts at Pool Studio and can produce designs on demand to facilitate your pool companies needs year round. We can produce entirely custom 3D pool renderings for your entire sales force.

Spend More Time Selling, Less Time Designing

We know how busy pool companies get. During the spring and summer months it becomes nearly impossible to provide each and every customer with a 3D pool design. High quality 3D renderings take a long time to create.

People involved in pool sales know that a 3D pool rendering will help them close the sales and distinguish them from competitors. During those peak frequency months especially, it’s important to reach out to a resource like PoolDesigners.com to help you convert more leads into sales. We are here to be help you grow your pool sales and increase your profitability. Spend less time designing and more time selling pools.

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