Pool Design- How Much Sales Productivity Do You Lose When Designing Pools?

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In this present age and time, there is a wide range of pool designs. So, most clients often present their preferred pool layout to their pool contractor during the first appointment. As a pool builder, you have to identify all your client’s needs. Also, ensure that you grasp everything the client desires to incorporate in the pool. This way, you can capture all these pool specifications when coming up with the pool design. But is the design vital in winning a sale?

Pool Design- How much sales productivity do you lose when designing pools?

Undoubtedly, having a rapid turnover rate will entail coming up with the 3D design. This strategy enables you to win a sale much faster than you can ever imagine. The thing is, you entice the customer by presenting a visual idea of what they want.

How long does it take to come up with a pool design?

The time used to come up with the design depends on the requirements of the client. For instance, if the customer wants a simple design, you won’t need a lot of time to develop the 3D design of a pool. As a result, you won’t lose as many sales as expected. But when coming up with an intricate design of the pool, you could spend a few weeks on the project. So, you might end up losing potential sales.

How much sales are lost when coming up with a designing a pool?

But it takes 3 hours average on a design or 15 hours a week on average. Alternatively, it takes 60 hours a month or 240 hours during a typical pool sale season to develop a pool design. That’s an average of 10 days spent on design or $500,000 extra pool sales that could have been made. That’s an average of $10,500 extra commission per year NOT spent doing 3D designs and outsourcing them. Consequently, please think of hiring a freelance 3D designer to help you. This way, you can present all designs to your clients on time while manage to make more sales at the same time. Unquestionably, pool sales worth $500,000 are a lot to lose in one year. Ultimately, expert designers always come in handy, especially during peak seasons.

How to increase pool sales productivity by hiring 3D pool designers

Quick conversion of sales

Instead of losing all potential sales, hire an expert 3D pool designer. They allow you to win multiple sales at the same time. The majority of them will always work and deliver the design before deadlines. As a result, you’ll present all the designs to all your clients within the specified time. While your designer is working on the pool design, you can continue making more sales. Even if you think hiring a designer is expensive, you will gain so much profitability in the long term. So, always hire an expert 3D designer to help you save on all the sales you’d have made when coming up with design of your pool. Moreover, remember that peak seasons can be a bit hectic due to high demand. A professional designer will go a long way helping you come up with the design of your dream pool.

Pool Design- How much sales productivity do you lose when designing pools?


Contrary to what you may think, hiring a designer is cheaper. Remember, you are saving sales worth $500,000 or more on average. So, always look at the bigger picture. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional pool designer because you think they are expensive. Moreover, you relieve yourself of the work pressure during peak seasons. All you need to do is look for a reliable pool builder to deliver before deadlines—conduct thorough research before settling on a particular designer.


A professional pool builder will always assist you in making more sales because they work overtime. Unlike full time employed designers, they can go the extra mile and work within your time frame. Moreover, most pool designers are willing to deliver if the client requests a revision of the pool design. As a result, they help you win more sales, especially during swimming pool seasons. You can spend fewer hours working on pool designs and responding to all potential clients’ queries through them. Due to their flexibility, you will establish a large customer base for your company.

Ready for your own pool design?

When designing pools, you can lose a lot of sales productivity. In fact, you can lose sales worth $500,000 on average. Coming up with a 3D pool design is not easy, especially when clients have a broad spectrum of specifications. Therefore, you can get too busy with creating pool designs that you forget to make more sales.

But there’s a solution to this. Hiring an expert pool designer goes a long way in enabling you to save your sales. Pool designers are flexible enough to deliver before deadlines. Furthermore, they relieve you of the work stress involved in coming up with pool designs. Ultimately, one of the main ways to maintain high sales productivity when designing a pool is hiring a professional pool designer. At the end of the day, they help you increase your sales, revenues, and profits.

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