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Freeform four bubble lagoon pool with small Cabo shelf with umbrella sleeve for fun in the sun protection. Design shows a raised spa with a spillway with flagstone coping around the pool and spa.


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Modern Freeform 3D Pool Design

A medium-sized, awe-inspiring freeform pool that will set the focal point in your backyard space. Some of the features contributing to the pool’s aesthetic nature include a lounge, spa, Cabo shelf, and an umbrella sleeve. The ledge lounge leans backward to enable swimmers to relax and enjoy a cold drink under the sun. Besides, the lounge allows swimmers to stay in the water to keep cool and soak up some sun! An umbrella sleeve encompasses the ledge lounge area to provide the perfect shade for swimmers.

The features of the freeform pool are definitely worth it

Moreover, the spectacular pool contains a shallow section where children can play. The small Cabo shelf is architecturally designed to serve as a step towards the pool. On one side of the pool, there is a spa that complements the four-bubble lagoon pool. Not only does the raised spa act as the pool’s focal point, but it also offers wellness benefits. Water from the spa continuously spills over the main pool over a ledge radiating calming water sounds. Consequently, this creates a tranquil atmosphere in your backyard.

Switch up your backyard into a premium resort with the freeform pool

At night, LED lights define all the pool’s edges while improving visibility. Besides, the pool lights create an ideal romantic setting and are perfect for swimming at night. Besides, the irregular edges of the freeform pool provide a visually appealing sight to any bypassers. Unquestionably, all the pool’s features complement each other to create a strikingly impressive view.

We provide you with a high resolution static image JPG and high resolution MP4 video file to use in your pool design presentation. Our expert 3D Pool Designers created this amazing 3D Pool Design that can be easily customized for Pool Builders and Pool Salesmen and women. Save hundreds of hours coming up with your 3D design with Pool Designers.

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  • Customize style, color, project elements

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