Geometric Pool | Cabo Shelf, Raised Wall, Sheer Descent Water Features | PD62 – 3D POOL DESIGN


Geometrical pool with a large Cabo shelf and raised wall with two sheer decent water features.


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Modern Geometric 3D Pool Design

A modern geometric pool built close to perfection, offering a premium resort-like look. Its regularly-spaced sheer descents appear like curvaceous thin layers flowing into the main pool with style yet grace, from a distance. These captivating water features significantly contribute to the pool’s elegance and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The architectural pool also contains a large, customized Cabo shelf that creates a visually appealing look. Here, swimmers can relax and bath in the sun during summer. Alternatively, the Cabo shelf allows swimmers to dip their feet into the water when enjoying the sun.

A Magnificent Oasis – This 3D Pool Design Captivates

Moreover, the magnificent oasis contains raised walls. The architecturally raised walls not only keep the swimming pool balanced but also complement the outdoor theme decor. This logical progression blends with the pool’s design due to its spectacular yet subtle color. The raised beam also holds the two sheer descent features and can serve as a seat wall. At night, the pool’s waterproof LED lights don’t go unnoticed. They light up the pool and create a superb ambiance perfect for a romantic setting. Simply put, the pool lights provide the ideal aura during the day. At night, the stylish pool lights highlight the pool’s architectural features, including the deck.

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Above all, the soothing sound of flowing pool water allows one to relax and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Just by its sound, the magnificent pool can bring your mind into a meditative state. Indisputably, all these splendid features work together to form a distinct and tranquil oasis. Ultimately, the stunning geometric pool with a Cabo shelf raised wall and two sheer descents is a sight to be reckoned with.

What is included in this 3D Pool Design?

We provide you with a high resolution static image JPG and high resolution MP4 video file to use in your pool design presentation. Our expert 3D Pool Designers created this amazing 3D Pool Design that can be easily customized for Pool Builders and Pool Salesmen and women. Save hundreds of hours coming up with your 3D design with Pool Designers.

Customization Options:

  • Custom logo & contact information
  • Custom background music
  • Customize style, color, project elements

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