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Modern Geometric 3D Pool Design

A sensational geometric pool constructed at the center of a green, pleasant yard. It has a beige retaining wall that switches it up into a classy resort. The retaining wall is home to a glorious feature known as a sheer descent. The sheer descent leads to a fascinating view in your backyard. It continually oozes out clear water into the pool at a specific rate. Moreover, it covers an extensive area in the retainer wall. As a result, you can lounge in the ledge loungers as you watch this breathtaking view.

Create A Warm, Cozy Feel In Your Backyard

Another unique feature contained in this 3D pool design is a fire bar. This feature radiates a comfortable ambiance in your backyard. Besides, they complement the architecturally designed pool. A fire pit next to the pool serves as an excellent lounging spot for swimmers. After swimming, you can always warm up next to the fire pit as you watch the suns set.

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There is a pergola next to the pool. It contains high-end chairs positioned to set the theme for your outdoor decor. Also, pool owners can relax at this spot as they enjoy their favorite meal. In fact, it’s a great place to hold intimate and private family events. You can sit here at night and enjoy the illumination coming from the LED pool lights. This lovely geometric pool design is unquestionably a good investment for your home.

We provide you with a high resolution static image JPG and high resolution MP4 video file to use in your pool design presentation. Our expert 3D Pool Designers created this amazing 3D Pool Design that can be easily customized for Pool Builders and Pool Salesmen and women. Save hundreds of hours coming up with your 3D design with Pool Designers.

Customization Options:

  • Custom logo & contact information
  • Custom background music
  • Customize style, color, project elements

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