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Modern Vanishing Edge Freeform 3D Pool Design

Switch up your backyard into a brand-new luxurious holiday destination by building this vanishing edge freeform 3D pool design. The customized vanishing edge freeform pool has a Cabo ledge that complements its curved lines. Here, swimmers can bask in the sun and dip their feet in the water simultaneously. The Cabo ledge is also a good spot for children to play with their floating toys since the area is safe enough.

This pool design incorporates a negative edge on one of its sides. Typically, the water level matches the height of the pool wall. So, a visual trick of water with no boundary gets created. The pool always provides the most pleasant views. From a distance, you would think that the pool water merges with its surrounding background.

This 3D Pool Design Offers Perfect Lighting Option

The LED lights in the pool accentuate all the pool’s corners during the night. This way, swimmers can swim safely due to increased visibility. Not to mention, pool LED lights set the perfect mood for a romantic night. Additionally, you can always host special events in your backyard in the presence of LED lights.

Make Your Swimming Experience More Fun!

This 3D pool design has a diving board hence making swimming experiences more fun. With this water feature, your children can jump into the pool with excitement. Also, you get the opportunity to learn how to dive with these boards. Ultimately, the diving board is an excellent addition to your pool.

We provide you with a high resolution static image JPG and high resolution MP4 video file to use in your pool design presentation. Our expert 3D Pool Designers created this amazing 3D Pool Design that can be easily customized for Pool Builders and Pool Salesmen and women. Save hundreds of hours coming up with your 3D design with Pool Designers.

Customization Options:

  • Custom logo & contact information
  • Custom background music
  • Customize style, color, project elements

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Pool Design Options

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