How Much Time Does The Average 3D Design Take?

How Much Time Does The Average 3D Design Take?

Today, there are several steps involved in pool construction. But first, pool owners have to come up with their preferred pool design. The pool layout largely contributes to your yard’s aesthetics. Thus, it would be best if you came up with the ideal pool layout that complements your house or property. Also, remember that your budget will be the main determinant of your preferred pool design. So, before coming up with the 3D design, there are a few factors you ought to consider. This way, you can make a good investment out of your pool.

How Much Time Does The Average 3D Design Take?

How long does the pool design process take?

If you want the perfect design for your pool, you need to hire a professional 3D pool designer. Once you do this, you’ll need to set up an appointment with them. During this process, present all your specifications and queries to the pool designer. Consequently, they will come up with the perfect pool 3D design that meets all your requirements. With the pool 3D design, you’ll be able to know what to expect at the end of the day. Pool designers use various only software to come up with the 3D design. So, the process doesn’t take long. On average, it will take you two to four weeks before you settle on a particular design. But the pool designer will develop the 3D presentation within a day or two.

It takes a short period for pool designers to come up with the 3D design. The truth is, it’s not so complicated as it sounds. Well, unless your pool specifications are unfamiliar to your pool designer. However, for simple pool designs, the pool designer can present the pool layout upon the first meeting. If you require some adjustments and alterations to the pool design, most pool designers are ready to do it for you. They’ll upgrade the 3D pool design using the respective software. So, most homeowners often take about two to four weeks before they settle with a particular 3D design.

Nonetheless, there is no need to worry if you want a fast pool installation. All you need to do is inform your pool designer of the exact deadline. Meanwhile, let them work on your vision as fast as they can. In most instances, a dependable pool designer will deliver before the deadline. Ultimately, the time varies based on various factors. But coming up with a 3D design can take hours. Always hire a reputable pool designer with extensive experience.

Factors to consider when choosing your pool design

As seen earlier, when choosing the pool layout, you ought to consider various factors. Some of them include:

The users of the pool

As the pool owner, you have to consider who will use the pool. It could be your children, friends, and other family members. On the other hand, if your pool is for commercial purposes, you should create a suitable design that complements this purpose. Remember, the pool’s design affects the size of the pool. A commercial pool needs to be very large due to high bather loads. So, go for a pool layout that enables you to construct a big pool. Furthermore, you can always consult your pool designer on the right pool design to incorporate it into your property. They have worked on numerous pool projects, so they know best.

How Much Time Does The Average 3D Design Take?

The purpose of the pool

Before coming up with the pool layout, consider the purpose of the pool. For example, if your pool is for sports and competitions, you might have to build a large deep pool. Also, most swimmers use lap pools for practicing. If the pool’s main objective is to enhance a home’s aesthetics, then an infinity-edge pool would be a good option. Lastly, if the pool is for relaxation purposes, a freeform or geometric pool would be a good option.

The landscape of your backyard

Your backyard’s landscape significantly contributes to your pool’s 3D design. It’s simple; some yards have irregular landscapes. Thus, they are not able to accommodate specific pool designs. Conversely, if your pool area has a uniform landscape, it can accommodate almost any pool type. But most pool contractors always work their way out to make sure they construct your dream pool behind your backyard. So, before choosing a pool layout, evaluate your yard’s landscape. Also, consult your pool contractor about this. They know best on what your landscape is capable of accommodating.

Water features to add

When talking to your pool designer, present all the additional water features you want the pool to accommodate. This way, they can help you select what’s best for you. For instance, sheer descents look good in geometric pools. Also, since the design affects the pool’s size, some features may not get accommodated by the pool’s design. Once you choose the right water features for your pool, you transform your backyard into a tranquil oasis.


In summary, there are various factors you ought to consider when coming up with pool design. Some of them include the purpose of the pool, water features, and the surrounding landscape. But it would help if you seek professional help from your pool designers. They will advise you on the best pool 3D design to install in your backyard. Above all, ensure that you install a pool that meets all your requirements.

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